“Troubled Material” Flows Easy with Solimar Aerators and Controller

The third generation of the Schlosser family in Hulett, WY mines and processes the naturally occurring bentonite found on the family’s 25,000-acre ranch in eastern Wyoming. The high grade bentonite increases in volume several times when coming in contact with water. This absorption property makes it an ideal product for the premium cat litter the company processes with the resulting fines sold for drilling mud and specialty mixes. Marketed under the Wyoming Sunmade brand name, the company packages retail cat litter and wholesale bentonite for any size or type of project from small ponds to multi-million gallon reservoirs, containment ponds and lagoons.

Processing grinds the material in a hammermill that passes a 1/4-inch grate for cat litter and an “ultra-fine powder” is left for drilling mud that is used to grout geothermal heat loop installations. The mix provides an efficient heat exchange with the earth by increasing the thermal conductivity. “The powder is a troubled material that was incredibly difficult to unload from a fines bin we use for unloading into trucks,” Otto explains, “The fluidizers work so well that now we can load a pneumatic bulk trailer like water. Needless to say we were all very surprised.” Solimar engineers designed a 52-fluidizer array that uses a controller to sequence the aeration. “The Solimar system completely clears the hopper. What used to be a nightmare is now a non-issue.”

Wyoming holeThe powder density is apparent after inserting and withdrawing a pipe from a five gallon bucket of the fines.

Wyoming Sunmade cat litter is described in glowing terms by the feline community, with user comments like “The Holy Grail” and a “Miracle Product.” Visit www.wyomingsunmade.com to read the company’s story of sustainability and environmental responsibility.