EZ-OUT Access Doors

Solimar, E-Z Out Hopper Access Door
specifications (PDF)

Pneumatic Trailers, Storage Silos, Dust Collectors and Process Equipment

Allows easy hopper interior inspection and / or installation of fluidizers without getting inside the product compartment.

Design Features

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Molded Food Contact Approved Silicone Gasket
  • Tee handle closure
  • Available in two models (FLAT for square hoppers & CURVED for conical hoppers)
  • Tank Pressure Approved for 14.7 psi Operation
E-Z Out Access Door Opening – How To

Applications for the EZ-OUT Access Doors

Trailers with conical hoppers. The Easy Out Access Door opening is located near the bottom outlet and opposite the 3-port manifold so the Access Door does not interfere with the aeration hoses. The lower portion of the opening is located approximately 3 ½ “ (90 MM) from the bottom outlet flange.

Other conical hoppers. The Easy Out Access Door can be located where the Access Door fits the outside contour of the hopper.

Square hoppers with flat sides. The door can be located in any convenient place.

Silo Parts Catalog (PDF) Silo Parts Flip Book

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