Plate Fluidizers for Trailers


Faster Unloading – Longer Life – Better Clean-out – No Plugged Lines

Replace inefficient fabric pads and aerator plates in Fruehauf and other bulk trailers.

Design Features:

  • Superior unloading performance.
  • Less maintenance.
  • Won’t tear, wear, clog or pick up moisture.
  • Lasts three times longer.

Unlike fabric pads that plug or wear out and have to be replaced regularly, the Solimar Fluidizer Plate with Solimar’s patented Fluidizer won’t tear, clog or pick up moisture which can cause mildew. Solimar Fluidizers will easily last 3X longer than fabric pads.

Air, forced under the patented silicone disks on the plate, provides aeration and gentle vibration that keeps dry bulk materials moving.

No matter what material you are handling, from cement to flour, your bulk trailer will perform better with Solimar Fluidizers.

Replaces Fabric Aerator Pads

Fluidizer Plates replace fabric pads and aerator plates used in Fruehauf and other bulk trailers. Installed in the trailer hopper plenum, the plate provides far superior unloading performance compared to fabric pads –faster unloading and better cleanout –all with less maintenance.

Solimar Fluidizer Plate
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Questions about our Solimar Plate Fluidizers?

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