Solimar Air Knocker Series

Solimar Air Knocker Series

Solimar Air Knockers Series
Models & Specifications

Original Pneumatic Hammering Technology

Loosen sticky or compacted material with the impact of the Knocker piston. Adjustable force is provided by variable air pressure. The Knocker operates when compressed air presses a piston against the base plate resulting in vibration.

Add relay piping to operate multiple Knockers through one control valve and/or remotely operate.

Design Features

  • Impact force can be adjusted by input pressure – 44-102 PSI (0.3-0.7MPa)
  • Relay piping function allows operation of multiple Knockers by one controlling valve.
  • Simple design, excellent durability and easy maintenance.
  • Simple working principle eliminates complicated operating circuits. Remote operation is also easy.

Questions about our Solimar Air Knocker Series?

Please use our free and convenient Application Questionnaire to determine if we can solve your material flow problem. Feel free to call a Solimar Pneumatics representative to answer any of your questions at 1-800-233-7109. Our team of qualified, professional advisors are here for you to help you through the entire process – Concept to Completion.

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How it Works – Operating Principle

1) Compressed air delivered to Knocker is supplied into the valve chest, which pushes the valve down.

2) The 3-way valve exhausts air and compressed air in the chamber closes the valve.

3) As the valve moves, compressed air in the chamber forces piston down on the base plate, which results in vibration that eliminates clinging materials.

Indirect Impact Type Direct Impact Type


  • Remove material from molds
  • Rotary driers
  • Powdered paint
  • Furnaces

Use & Installation

Model Selection Guide

The model and the quantity having the optimum impact force are selected according to the type, shape, size and application.

For instance, when installing on the conical hopper of 48″ dia. 0.125″ thick, find the point of intersection according to the figure on the right.

If the point is within the range of KNR-40 2 nos, and KNR-60 2 nos, select KNR-40 2 nos, for small clinging strength, and KNR-60 2 nos, for large clinging strength.

Solimar Air Knocker KNR 60/80