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Leak-Free, Dust Free, Snap-Fit Connectors

BFM® connectors transform material conveying connectors from labor intensive hose clamps to snap-in fitting efficiency. In addition to providing a 100% leak and dust free connection, the BFM® system eliminates hose clamped sleeves for faster cleaning and tool-free changeovers. The BFM® system includes spigots and connectors in a full range of sizes for fast replacement and fewer production interruptions.

BFM® Connectors

BFM®’s Seeflex connectors are made from clear, long-lasting ether based polyurethane that is memory-free and will not fracture with flexing or retain material. The innovative design results in a tighter fit under higher pressures, and the connectors have been explosion tested in excess of 19 psi. Removal of the fitting is accomplished in minutes, and the transparency of the connector material allows visual inspection of product flow.

BFM® connectors are used in thousands of conveying applications and are manufactured to the highest standards. The standardized sizes guarantee a perfect fit every time. Customers realize a fast payback on the changeover to snap-in connectors through better hygiene, less dust, and a safer environment with a product that is more resistant to the demands of material handling than any other connector.

Years of expertise & industry knowledge have created a transformed flexible connector.

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