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Solimar Shows Continuous Design Progress Since 1985

Solimar innovation timeline

About Solimar Pneumatics

Solimar Pneumatics’ 35th year of serving the bulk powder industry marks continuous design progress bringing superior aeration to more applications and customers. Solimar has grown from one man’s innovative idea of the original Solimar Disk Fluidizer in 1985, to a brand recognized around the world with a wide range of products designed around the idea of providing powder discharge solutions.

Experience Matters

The company is named for its founder, Keith Solimar, who immigrated to the US from Sweden looking to bring the technology of pneumatic bulk tanks with him. Keith’s work with Nordic Tank and later with Butler Manufacturing bolstered his experience into the issues of moving powders in the transportation industry. It was his research into these issue that led him to the idea of the single point aerator. First, with the Butler Flo-Cone and then with Solimar Pneumatics, to the modern silicone aerator disk featuring the Radial Ridge Design.

Aeration History

Historically, the aeration medium in dry bulk trailers or industrial silos had been fabric, which provides an excellent fluidized bed but, becomes less efficient over time; condensation in combination with fines slowly plug the fabric and constrict the airflow. The added maintenance of cleaning and drying the fabric reduced productivity, and the downtime and labor cost with replacement was constantly an issue. With the advent of the point aerator, radically these problems were eliminated. As we see with the current Solimar Fluidizer, airflow no longer moves “through” a fabric media but more effectively “around” the silicone disks providing aeration to the powder and gentle vibration to the hopper wall assisting in the discharge of the powder.

Proven Time & Again

The Solimar Fluidizer, featuring the Radial Ridge Design, has proven time and again to be one of the most effective solutions to discharge dry powders from trailers, railcars, silos, hoppers and bins. The Fluidizer line has grown to include options for food grade, chemical, high temperature and even metal detectable disks. Solimar Fluidizers are the standard by which others are measured. No aerator lasts longer, is more durable or unloads faster.

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SOLIMAR PNEUMATICS designs and manufactures components for the efficient discharge of bulk materials in the food, pharmaceutical, mining, petroleum and construction industries. Our Fluidizers are widely used in silos, weigh bins, hoppers, dust collectors and trailers to prevent bridging, rat-holing, compacting and clogging.

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We provide solutions to dry bulk discharge problems in both in-plant and transport applications utilizing our proprietary components and extensive experience.

The following trade shows pertain to the powder and bulk industry and are provided for your convenience. Please visit us at those marked with our booth number.

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World of Concrete

Las Vegas, NV
January 23-25, 2024
Booth: N567

International Powder & Bulk Solids Conference

International Powder & Bulk Solids Show

Rosemont, IL
April 25-27, 2023
Booth: 2824


Nuremburg, Germany
September 26-28, 2022
Booth: 3A-612