over 35 years of experience


Our fluidizers have a big advantage over our competitors less effective fluidizer. We are the original and best fluidizer on the market today.

The Solimar Advantage

Solimar Pneumatics’ 37th year of serving the bulk powder industry marks continuous design progress bringing superior aeration to more applications and customers. Solimar has grown from one man’s innovative idea of the original Solimar Disk Fluidizer in 1985, to a brand recognized around the world with a wide range of products providing powder discharge solutions.

Solimar Pneumatics, continues to be a leader in the dry bulk handling and transportation industry with their innovative designs and manufactures components for the efficient movement of bulk materials in the food, pharmaceutical, mining, petroleum and construction industries.

Insist on genuine Solimar disks with the trademarked Radial Ridge Design.

The Original & Best Disk Fluidizer

  • Radial Ridge Design provides superior sealing at the outer edge and stops the backflow of product into air lines even when loading.
  • Superior silicone rubber compounding prevents tears and premature wear providing the longest warranty than any competitor.
  • F.D.A approved materials with several product compatible options even up to operating temperatures to 450 F (230 C) as well as metal detectable.
  • Many mounting options available and thousands of parts always in stock for on-time delivery.

Competitors vs. Solimar Features