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Solimar Joins National Precast Concrete Association

NPCA Member Logo

Solimar Pneumatics, a leading manufacturer of aeration systems for the efficient handling of powders, has joined the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA). “The response to our modern aeration methods from the precast community and ready-mix producers has been strong and we want to support these industries though participation in the Association,” according to Jeff Lucke, […]

Leak-Free, Dust Free, Snap-Fit Connectors

BFM® connectors, now available from Solimar Pneumatics, transform material conveying connectors from labor intensive hose clamps to snap-in fitting efficiency. In addition to providing a 100% leak and dust free connection, the BFM® system eliminates hose clamped sleeves for faster cleaning and tool-free changeovers. The BFM® system includes spigots and connectors in a full range […]

Air Knocker Loosens Sticky Material

Solimar Knocker

Keep sticky materials moving even if they are clinging to vessel walls with the new Air Knocker from Solimar Pneumatics. Original Pneumatic Hammering Technology loosens the material by the impact of a Knocker piston. The impact pressure can be adjusted to match process goals and materials. Add additional Knockers depending on the size and shape […]

RMC Automated Manhole Cover

Solimar automated manhole cover product

Work safer and more efficiently from the ground with this Automated Manhole Cover distributed by Solimar Pneumatics. This compact lid is easy to install, pins on to existing lid ring, works with multiple lid configurations and keeps employees safely on the ground. The automated lid installs easily over existing manhole openings. A pneumatic controller allows […]

Metal Detectable Aerator Now in Mini Size

Metal Detectable Silo Fluidizer

In response to requests from food manufacturers who are looking for the highest purity for their product, Solimar Pneumatics has developed a metal detectable fluidizer disk. Instances of Solimar fluidizer disks contaminating product are extremely rare, but disks that have been mechanically damaged during bin cleaning, by extreme air pressures or improper installation could potentially […]