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Fast-Fit Kit for Mini-Fluidizers

The popularity and convenience of the Fast-Fit Kit has been applied to our Mini-Fluidizers. Now choose the most efficient and economical method of installation for our two-inch diameter fluidizers in pipes, chutes, bins and hoppers to keep material flowing. Installation only requires a 1-1/8" (29 mm) hole.


The Solimar Mini-Fluidizer is ideal for tight curvature chambers down to 10-inch diameter (254 mm) to keep product from bridging, rat holing or hanging up in corners. Now users have another method of installation thanks to the new Fast-Fit Kit. Read our latest Case History of successful material handling with the Solimar Mini-Fluidizer.


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Here's how:

1. After drilling a 2” (50mm) 1-1/8" for Mini (29mm) diameter hole, feed the Fluidizer disk through from the outside.

2. Install alignment plate inside the vessel in a vertical attitude.

3. Slide remaining components over the stem and secure with nut.

4. Remove and keep retaining cable for future installations.

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