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Fast-Fit Kit- A New Tool for Superior Aeration

Fast-Fit Kit is a new tool for Silo Fluidizer installation. The Solimar Silo Fluidizer is proven in thousands of applications. Now users have another method of installation thanks to the new Fast-Fit Kit. For OEMs or retrofits, this is the most efficient and economical way to incorporate the family of Solimar Fluidizers into your silo, bin or hopper.


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Here's how:

1. After drilling a 2” diameter hole, feed the Fluidizer disk through from the outside.

2. Install alignment plate inside the vessel in a vertical attitude.

3. Slide remaining components over the stem and secure with nut.

4. Remove and keep retaining cable for future installations.

Just another way Solimar prevents bridging, rat holing and compacting while keeping personnel outside the bin, hopper or silo. See the video and spec sheet for more details. Solimar disks are the answer for powder and bulk solids handling, now see if the Fast-Fit Kit is your best choice for applying this proven method to your process.

View Fast-Fit Kit Online      View Fast-Fit Kit Video

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