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Paul Montoya, founder of Concrete Plant Restoration, has built a solid reputation for repair, relocation and construction of new batch plants spread over 28 years of service to the industry. He specifies Solimar aerators to replace air pads. “Air pads are old technology. They will not handle higher air pressure and are susceptible to moisture and clogging. I replace them with Solimar aerators which have never failed in our installations. If a customer knows about maintenance and the need to fluidize their material for batching accuracy, they choose the Solimar product every time.”

Montoya’s business has been brisk. He works throughout North America but has been busy recently near his office in Saint Hedwig, Texas just East of San Antonio.

He replaces cloth air pads anywhere in the batching process – silos, bins, hoppers – with Solimar fluidizers. “The Solimar product is at the top of technology.”

You can believe Paul because when he specifies Solimar he is staking his reputation on it.

Call Paul @ 210-667-2056 or e-mail him Just be ready for an education on aeration.

Many thanks to Paul for his great comments. The life span of a Solimar aerator can vary depending on the type and volume of material handled.


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