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Keeping those liquid tankers rolling is a good reason to choose the Solimar Manhole Cover, with quick opening and closing, thanks to our single pivoting ball handle. Less time spent on top of the trailer clamping down the hatch also translates to better driver morale because they are off the trailer quicker in wet, hot or freezing cold conditions. And, of course, more time spent on the ground and less on the trailer is inherently safer.

Other features include our leak-free, self-sealing hollow gasket for a tight fit. It’s easy to install, remove, clean or replace with no glue needed. The manhole’s low profile means it is easy to step on or over with no protruding clamps. Cast aluminum construction assures it will last a long time while providing working pressure of 25 psig (MAWP) and test pressure of 45 psig and complying with DOT-407.

The Solimar Manhole Cover has been used as original equipment by leading manufacturers worldwide as well as for retrofitting existing tanks. Once you try it, you will never go back. Your drivers and accountant won’t let you.

Need an inspection plate on a hopper, bin or silo? This high-quality manhole works well for those applications too.

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