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The popularity of our 2” diameter Mini-Fluidizer (Standard Fluidizer 4") just got hotter with the introduction of our High-temp version. With operating tolerance to 450° F (233 C°) customers can install the Mini-Fluidizer in pipes and tight curvature chambers down to 4" diameter (102 mm) to keep products from bridging, rat holing or hanging up in corners in high-temp applications. With its compact size and high-performance characteristics, the Mini is just the ticket for engineers who want more design flexibility. Our experienced staff will be happy to provide a recommended layout for your specific application. Look for the distinctive orange color to designate high temperature. MiniMore info

Solimar Fluidizers are available in a variety of silicone compounds each designated by distinct colors to match specific material handling requirements including high-temperature (orange), food grade (blue or white) and metal detectable (grey) requirements. Please visit our website for application information and a list of products successfully handled with our Fluidizers and accessories. Solimar products are used in over 70 countries around the world solving dry bulk handling problems for over 120 different material types.
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